Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I've seen the ads for Bioshock and had decided to avoid the game because of the creepy little girl in it. I love my 2 little daughters and it just seemed wrong to have a little girl as a possible enemy in the game. Well, I couldn't avoid playing the demo when it came out. By this I mean I have no will power. What's up with the long summer gaming drought? It really makes it hard to resist something new and shiny when something finally comes out at the end of it. Back on track though...I ended up pre-ordering the game. I'm hoping its saving grace is that there is a way to not fight the little girls and save them instead. It comes out today and I'll pick it up on my way home tonight. I have TKD tonight as well which makes for a later night for everybody. I don't play the xbox until the family is in bed.

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