Friday, September 14, 2007

bioshock - pass 1

I've played through the game once on normal (the medium difficulty). It's pretty much common knowledge there are at least 2 endings. I have all the 360 achievements except for playing through on Hard which you have to do from the beginning. I've started the "hard run" through the game. I would agree with the comments that I've seen that on at least normal mode it is a bit too easy, especially with the use of the vita-chambers.

All in all, I'd rate it as a good game bordering on great. That's more because of my own tastes though rather than lack of quality in the game. The highest selling point of the game is the immersive atmosphere it gives you. I'd chalk most of that up to the sound guys. I play in my home theater/family room and the sound is absolutely fantastic.

My favorite "games" of all time are the half-life series from Valve. I can't wait until Orange Box comes out in October. And yes, I'm getting the 360 version. It would be ideal if some of the mechanics from Bioshock (
(i.e. varying abilities from Plasmids) that would give you variability in how you play the game were incorporated into the half-life game engine.

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