Tuesday, September 11, 2007

practical martial arts

When I talk about Taekwondo, people invariably bring up the idea of "But what if they have a gun?". I present to them a real world use for martial arts. Don't get me wrong: if someone were to have a gun pointed at me or my family I would be very, very compliant. However, I would be looking for an opportunity to take advantage of a situation as long I knew with 100% certainty that my family would not be harmed. My dojang offers "self defense" as part of the curriculum. During each cycle, they spend a week or two on self-defense as part of the extra stuff they do for the "black belt club". I've demonstrated this for my wife and she's interested in taking one of their self defense classes that they offer for women.

Additionally, one of their money making events is also an all-day self-defense boot camp open to everybody. It's offered once a year in the summer. Part of the camp is dealing with people who are brandishing firearms. I haven't taken it yet because it does cost extra money. Sometime in the next couple years I'll sign up for it.

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