Friday, October 5, 2007

halo 3 disc damage

Just an FYI to be careful. I have Halo 3 Limited Edition. When I first got the disc, it was scratch-free and secure in the case. I had been leaving my disc in the 360 drive and just firing it up when I wanted to play. Having finished the SP last night, I put it back in its case thinking I should be careful with it. When I fired it up today, the disc wouldn't read. I figured out that when I put the disc back last night, the disc got a crack in it from the tightness of the fit of the disc onto the case. This was a crack in the center of the disc outward about a centimeter or two into the disc data area.

Luckily, MS has the free replacement on the limited edition until 2/1/08. Unluckily, it will be a few weeks until I get my replacement. Probably right about when GH3 comes out.

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