Tuesday, October 9, 2007

instructor a la carte

My dojang has an evening class for my belt level on 4 different days out of the week. Additionally, they have a Saturday morning class and a M-W-F midday class. While the flexibility on when we can get our 2 days in each week is great, we do end up with different instructors who each have their own style. The obvious advantage is that the different teachers can each give us their own perspective on this art. The disadvantage is that sometimes they tell you different ways to perform something that slightly contradict each other.

Case in point: the back leg round house requires a rotation of your placed foot to get your hip to rotate. One of the instructors told me that rotating my placed foot first will help me to get my hip around. Another instructor showed us the rotation of the foot while you were in the "leg on the table top" position. I also have seen different ways to rotate on your foot itself. I rotate better if I rotate on the ball of my foot instead of the heel. Other's rotate better if they rotate on their heel.

The instructors also have different styles of teaching. One instructor we have is somewhat controlling and makes sure we are all lined up exactly where they want us to be, are with a partner that they choose for you. However, this instructor is also very good at explaining the "why" we do certain kicks or steps and when they should be used. This is in comparison to other instructors who are a little more relaxed, let you choose your own partners but don't explain the why. However, they are still good instructors in showing technique, giving pointers and encouragement.

I'm not sure what to think of this exactly. I like the variety of teaching techniques. However, this overloads my small athletically challenged brain with all the different inputs.

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