Friday, December 7, 2007

green belt test - tomorrow

We have our green belt (green to purple) test tomorrow. Last night's lesson was really an exercise in doing the test. I feel pretty confident except for the fact that I know I can draw a complete blank at times.

My youngest daughter became ill yesterday morning, in my car, on the way to school. It was not a pretty sight. Had to clean up the car before I went to work. It still smells a little ripe even though I've used those enzymatic cleaners on it. She is still sick today and I doubt she's going to make the belt test tomorrow. They do schedule a make-up for a week from now. At least she would still be in the same class as us over the next week if she isn't able to test tomorrow.

I still need to work my oldest daughter on her board break. Hoping to do that tomorrow morning.

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