Tuesday, July 15, 2008

E3 - Shiny Objects

The Big 3 (MS, Sony, Nintendo) have had their respective press conferences at E3. These always have a tendency to influence or reinforce my wants for the upcoming holiday season.

MS (xbox 360): Rock Band 2, Fallout 3, Gears of War 2. This is no change since before E3. However, for the family, I'm debating about picking up You're In The Movies. My youngest kid would have a blast with it. I shared the RB2 set list with my wife. Duran Duran was the deal sealer for her and I'll be able to get away with pre-ordering it and picking it up in September.

Portal: Still Alive. Day one download from XBLA.

The big game "reveal" from the MS conference was Final Fantasy XIII (a PS3 exclusive up to now) coming to the 360. Not interested.

I was hoping for at least a little bit of Mass Effect 2 info. I've been playing through this recently and it's been fantastic. I finished it and started a second play through role playing as the Jack Bauer of the galaxy.

Mirror's Edge. A friend turned me on to this one last week. The press conference videos have entrenched it on my Christmas Wish List.

Nintendo (the Wii): The Star Wars games: Force Unleashed and The Clone Wars. Lightsaber fighting here I come. A dream come true. How many Star Wars Kid youtube parody videos will we see from these? Wii Music looks interesting but I really don't see getting it because it requires too much "real" talent. The reason the current rhythm games work well is because they DO guide the average joe on what to do next. My kids will want to get Animal Crossing. They spent hours and hours of time playing it on their DS'es and I suspect the next iteration on the wii will do the same.

Sony (PS3): I don't own a PS3. After the press conference, I still don't feel the need to get one.

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