Thursday, July 17, 2008

The "WTF?" from E3

In contrast to my cool ideas post, I bring a what are they thinking? post.

Prince of Persia's "Save Me" system: Basically, you can't die. Cool idea for Lego games with kids. But for an adult game? This seems to fall into the idea of "let's be fair". If you have the skills, you can play the game. If you don't have the skills, then you need to work at it harder. I know it's all about the dollars but where is the personal satisfaction from completing a game or getting through a difficult section on your own?

Avatars/UI on the 360: Word to's not a Wii. Don't pretend to be. Told my wife about this. She's not a gamer. Not computer nerdy like me. Her comment: "Why change it?" The average person hates devices changing on them so they have to learn it again.

Lost Planet Movie: Why this and not a Halo movie? I played the game. Really wasn't all that impressive. And why did Capcom spend their entire press conference on it and no games?

Guitar Hero On Tour Decades: Even more DS Guitar Hero? Good grief.

No Real Price Drops: Overdue on the 360 and PS3 systems. Nothing announced. Nada. Zip.

Metallica on Guitar Hero: There was a press release a while back about Metallica releasing their new single on Rock Band and now we hear about Metallica releasing the whole album on the Guitar Hero franchise (not to be confused with the Metallica Guitar Hero edition rumors). What does this mean for the single? Is it exclusive to Guitar Hero?

Bungie announcement pulled: No need to comment. It's all over the net. The theory I like the best was shared to me by the one guy who I know actually reads my blog......Epic needs more love.

Konami Rock Revolution Failure: Google the Konami E3 2008 press conference video and go to the end. The Project Manager (I think that was her title) first plays a song with a Ramone's tribute band and then attempts to play the same song on the game and fails miserably.

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