Wednesday, July 22, 2009

pain and suffering

It seems to never fail.   Every time we do a bit of "promise sparring" (or light contact sparring), I usually end up in a little pain.   This time it's my foot right near where the top of it meets the ankle.

My opponent was very good at spinning around and getting me to commit to an attack.  However, he spun so fast and my reactions were so slow that he would be completely around before my kick would connect to his torso.  I usually hit his elbow or forearm instead.   Note to self, the elbow or forearm is a much less forgiving surface than the torso.  There's a bit of swelling but we'll really see how it is tomorrow.   I need to put some ice on it here shortly but our ice maker busted last week and we don't get the replacement until tomorrow!  Uggh.

Anyway, after class, I was talking with him about what he was doing and he told me it was something he had learned in sparring class along with a few others that he told me about.   I'm convinced I need to make a serious attempt at trying that class out.   I know it's quite the workout  but applying some "practice" to the "principles" of TKD will probably give me a whole new perspective on the sport.

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