Wednesday, August 26, 2009

class is like a box of chocolates

You should know the rest of that quote.  The fact of the matter is, that any time we show up for class, the style of class we're going to have varies with the instructor.   Names have been changed to protect the innocent.
  • Kwan-ja-nim - Be prepared to work. Work hard.  Work without water breaks.  And focus on whatever kicking technique he feels we're lacking in.   He's quite the stickler on the back kick.   The thing I notice is that when he's teaching the class, the students are a bit louder, the snap to attention a bit quicker, and generally are a bit more focused and energetic.
  • Ms. Technical  - These classes have a tendency to be lighter in the workout.  However, there is a LOT of instruction generally centered around our form of the quarter.   
  • Mr. Teenager - Note, this kid....err....young a 3rd degree black belt.  He's very good at TKD and at being an instructor.  He has a pretty good balance between keeping us moving and getting us through the instruction for the class.   He's the guy that seems to be behind the million ways to be cruel.
  • Mr. Twin. - Woah. We get this guy occasionally.   He's older than me but in way better shape.   I keep forgetting whenever we get him that I'm about to work my ass off.   We get tired right during the warmup and it just keeps getting harder.  Note, this isn't a complaint.  I like the hard workout on occassion.  When you get to the end of it, you always feel like you've survived ... errr .... accomplished something difficult.  At least we get water breaks.
  • Mr. Second-In-Command - He's been mostly absent this quarter doing a lot of work in one of the other facilities.   I've always liked him because he's been encouraging yet demanding at the same time.   He also has a way with kids that seems to resonate with them.   Something I like when my daughter is around.
There are other instructors we have that are varying degrees of the above.  To be completely honest, there isn't a bad one among the whole lot.   Did I mention it was a large school?  I'm really just trying to illustrate a point that I like the variety we get.   Even if it is a bit of a surprise when you walk in the door.

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Bil said...

So variety is a Korean spice then?