Saturday, February 27, 2010

week 8 - the halfway point

By this coming Friday night, we'll be at the halfway point for this 16 week curriculum cycle. My current status as of this moment with 2 classes under my belt in this week:


Whenever I've shared the chart with people, there are always questions. Our 16 week goal is twice the number in the 8 week column. The number represents the total number of repetitions we have to do in the 16 week period.

If you've been following along, you may notice that I got 2 miles of running done. I did them on the treadmill in our bedroom while watching the Olympics today. Admittedly, it more of a jog than a run.

I had a discussion with one of the black belts about the actual test. He stated that during our actual test, we have a 30 minute run at your own pace followed by an hour of meditation. This occurs on the second day of the test, first thing in the morning. I tried to mimic this by jogging without stopping for 30 minutes and then doing a 10 minute meditation. I'm going to try to repeat this procedure increasing the meditation time each time I do it.

He also stated that the hour of meditation was brutal because of a buildup of lactic acid while you're just sitting there. There seems to be some debate on the topic of lactic acid. All I know is that the meditation time is a bit brutal for some people. The instructors claim that 2 people threw up during meditation in the last test.

While sitting in meditation, I noticed this weird twitching/tingling type feeling in my legs. It felt like my nerves were still firing yet I wasn't moving. I thought it might be my pulse in my legs but it wasn't regular. Not sure what it was but it was definitely odd.

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