Monday, November 22, 2010

Time To Feel Stupid Again

So I took a week and a half off after the test before I went back to class. It seems like I shouldn't have done that.

The big difference so far: speed. Not the speed of how fast everyone is like there is a dramatic increase in their skill. It's how quickly the new curriculum is being introduced to us. My head is about to explode trying to keep up with it.

My first day back we went through 2 new forms in their entirety multiple times, 3 new one step sparring routines, and a minor change to 5 of our old one step sparring routines. The second day back was the two new forms again, then a new "self defense" drill (for lack of a better term) that involved a lot of strikes and parries using just our hands, and then the formal sword ceremony and patterns that we are going to have to learn for our next test.

As one of my classmates so eloquently said, "I like to feel stupid again. Keeps me on my toes."

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Bil said...

Stupid ... and AWESOME!