Friday, April 1, 2011

Black and Blue

The past week has been painful. Every extremity of mine is hurting in some form or another.

My right arm is black and blue from about mid-forearm to my wrist about two inches wide.  This is because I was playing the attacker in a self-defense drill and the blocks were against my forearm.  Repeatedly.

My left palm is black and blue around the base of my thumb (about the size of a peach).  I was holding a practice board with perhaps a little two much give in my hand. When the kicker broke the board, he hit pretty solidly. Instant pain.

My right shoulder is giving me fits. I think I have a pinched nerve. I get this weird tingling, burning sensation across my shoulder along with a pain in that muscle where your neck attaches to your shoulder.

My shins are both bruised up because I went to sparring class last night. Several of the other students have a tendency to block kicks with their forearms. Not a bright idea. They are risking getting their arm broken. It is a reflex though to protect themselves. It does cause pain and bruising to the kicking shin.

I have both a forms and a sparring competition tomorrow. I'm trying to find shin guards at the last moment. I'm also trying to figure out how to improve quickly. I had a few tendencies pointed out to me last night that I need to correct if I'm going to last at all in the tournament.

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