Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Creed

Invariably, whenever someone finds out that we are doing Taekwondo, one of the first words out of their mouth is along the lines of "Are you going to kick my ass?" or "You going to kick some ass?" I just smile and nod if I don't know the person that well.

Taekwondo isn't about learning how to beat someone up. It is about taking care of yourself. It is about being able to defend yourself when other people are trying to take advantage of you. It's about doing your best. Lastly, it's about respect. Be respectful of others. Be respectful of yourself.

For example, in almost every single practice, we recite a student creed. It has 3 parts. The first is about taking care of yourself physically and mentally. The second is about developing self-discipline to help yourself and others. The third is about using what we learn defensively, both for ourselves and others, and not to be "abusive or offensive".

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