Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"I saw you out in your pajamas."

The dojang we attend is in the new part of town. It's a brand new facility that you can see right along the main thoroughfare through the area. I've heard the dojang has grown more than 100% since they opened here. Location is everything they say.

Anyway...on topic, we usually go to our session at 6:00 pm. About 1/3rd of the time, we end up running an errand afterwards: a trip to Target, Walmart, Pet Smart, King Soopers, etc. The thing is, we don't change out of our uniform when we run the errand. I make it home from work in time to change and get my kids ready to go. The parental cattle prod to "get a move on or else we're going to be late" kind of getting ready. When we run out to the store, we're still in our uniforms and we're usually seen by someone we know.....sometimes without even knowing it. I've seen people change at the dojang when they are done with the session. They are usually there by themselves though. I guess since I'm out in a group with my kids, I really think it's no big deal to head out and do the quick errand. We get stares but it doesn't bother me. Sometimes this is when we get the "Are you going to kick some ass?" comments. From complete strangers even.

I don't think there is a policy against going out in public with the uniform either. After all, we have the logo plastered on our backs. Seems like free advertising. I talked it over with my coworker who does Taekwondo and he thought I was weird for the public exhibition. He goes solo though.

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