Friday, December 14, 2007

late night on the vpn

I'm a software engineer by trade. I work on software that fits the internet application service provider model. What that means is that we can't release new software except in off hours when everyone else is either sleeping or having fun. Well, tonight's that night. The culmination of all the work I've been doing since March actually. The company I work for was bought out and this is the big integration project with their systems. I've been the technical lead for our part of the work on this project. It has been a learning experience in dealing with the big corporate fish eating up the smaller, yet more agile fish.

I've been on a conference call for a couple hours just listening in on the deployment. I'll be doing some smoke testing once we bring everything back up. There are people in locations across the world (literally) participating in this event. I have a feeling it's going to be a long night. I did manage to sleep in this morning until about 11:00 am though. I purposely stayed up late last night playing Halo 3 with a couple of my work buddies to adjust my schedule for the late night tonight. Such sacrifices I have to make.

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