Friday, December 14, 2007

gaming identities

The web 2.0 space has a concept of "identity" for you. Right now, the folks over at lijit are incorporating this concept for "serious" applications like blogs, your facebook and myspace accounts, rss feeds that you like, etc. I'd like to see someone incorporate this idea for the online component of games that is becoming more and more prevalent with the next-gen consoles.

For example, I have a "service record" at for Halo 3. I also have an identity at for my shredding skillz (or lack thereof) on GH3. It would be cool to somehow be able to search my identity for favorite songs played in the game or favorite map played in Halo 3. Or my kill/death ratio in Halo 3.

Maybe I'll have to write some widget for that in my spare time.

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