Friday, January 11, 2008

Call of Duty 4

I've played the original COD games on the PC and COD2 on the 360. I have COD3 on the 360 but haven't gotten very far into it. All of these titles are WW2 related and I got a little burnt out on the whole genre. COD4 is a departure into modern warfare.

One of my buds got it when it first came out and was raving about it. I had heard the SP campaign was really short so I didn't think it was worth the $60. I added it to the Christmas list and it showed up under the tree. I plugged it in a week ago.

It is short. But the developers really crammed in quality over quantity. It's one of the best albeit short 7-9 hours I've spent in a game. It's awesome. Highly recommended. It is still a COD game. Has a bit of the "on-rails" feeling but there are little side adventures to take along the way to find all the intel. I've played it through on normal. I'm going through it again on veteran. It's kicking my butt but I'm an achievement whore and I'm looking for all those veteran points.

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