Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Human Weapon: Taekwondo: the wife impression

This show was probably the most time that my wife has actually sat down and tried to understand Taekwondo. Note that she is very supportive of what we are doing, but she hasn't paid much attention to the details of it. She comes to the testing and sees what we are learning. She takes the kids to class if we have a scheduling conflict. She's even let us show her some self-defense moves and been our partner in escrima stick practicing.

During the show...specifically during a moment where one of the hosts got kicked in the head while he wasn't wearing protection, my wife made a comment that she didn't understand how we (my daughters and I) could all be so interested in a sport that is so competitive in trying to do better than the other person. My response..."Uhh...isn't that what sports is? A competition?" She clarified that she meant the individual fighting aspect of it.....trying to harm the other person. Our student creed kind of goes against this and she was trying to juxtapose what we were seeing on the TV vs. what we talk about at home. We are to use taekwondo for defensive purposes or protective purposes only. However, there is the sparring aspect of it that we haven't gotten into yet.

She also got a little freaked out about the power of Taekwondo. They really emphasized this in the show with the kicks and saying things like "enough force to break the nose or clavicle". She's afraid her kids are going to get hurt. There's a part in the show where one of the "experts" was kicking cigarettes out of both hosts' mouth (non lit mind you). I told her that we actually just started doing those type of control exercises ourselves and she was surprised to hear that. "What if you miss?!? What if someone gets hit in the head?!? You're just starting?!?!?" I had to tell her that no one has been hit in the class yet. The instructors obviously feel we are ready for it.

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