Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Rock Band vs. Webkinz

The two hits of our holiday season are Rock Band and Webkinz. My youngest daughter was obsessed with webkinz already with 5 of the little creatures. She got something like 7 more over the holidays. The oldest daughter got a couple of them and we all pitched in on one for my wife.

Big mistake on my part.

My wife has become obsessed with it. It's one of those websites where you not only have to care for your pet ala neopets but also play various games to earn "kinz dollars" (or something like that) to furnish a room and keep the pet entertained. Note that she doesn't play with the actual stuffed animal. There are also hourly events that they "have to do" in order to get even more of this virtual money and/or virtual prizes.

It's putting a big crimp in the band getting any better or playing more venues. I find myself playing a lot of solo tour. What makes it even more pitiful is on the rare occasion that I do manage to pry one of them (usually the youngest) away from webkinz to play with me, we end up playing one or two songs and then the youngest wants to head into the Rock Shop to buy more outfits, hair styles, earrings, hats, etc. My Rock Band game has devolved into an electronic paper dolls game.

This is the number 1 reason why Harmonix needs to get Band World Tour mode working for online play.


Coye said...

This is great info to know.

shaggydoug said...

Things have changed with Rock Band 2. Online world tour mode is in. . You can rock with your buddies and not have to count on the family. You can also play that mode in single player now as well.