Wednesday, March 5, 2008

purble belt testing day approaching

Testing day is coming up on Saturday. I feel strangely ill-prepared for this one. I was going over the testing form and while I know all the physical stuff, the head-knowledge stuff (something about 3 rules?!?), I'm drawing a blank.

We also haven't really worked on our board break in class. It's a skip side kick which for me is actually pretty easy. I need to get some "kid boards" for my daughters ahead of time and practice this at home with them. My oldest daughter does a double kid board and my youngest does a single. I honestly think my youngest daughter kicks harder than my oldest. I really need to figure out how to get my oldest daughter more confident in her abilities and do her strikes with more force.

We were going to have my 3 nephews with us at the testing. My sister-in-law has been surreptitiously trying to convince one of them to join the sport and was hoping that seeing us do the test might push him over the edge into trying it. However, they ended up with a scheduling conflict (Awana Grand Prix!) and that won't be happening this time.

Side note, a friend of mine's son (and one of the readers of my ramblings here) just started TKD this week. Can't wait to swap stories with him.

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