Saturday, March 8, 2008

purple belt test results

We all aced our test today. Doing the run through in the morning definitely helps. When it comes time to actually taking the test, I go into this strange auto-pilot mode. My mind starts drawing blanks and my body is just doing what it's been trained to do without me thinking that much. I really need to work on that and get more focus during the test.

I messed up in a couple of places but caught it soon enough such that nobody seemed to notice. I totally butchered my ilbo jun jin narabong kick three times in a row. Doing the ilbo jun jin followed by the narabong I tend to over rotate and get a bit dizzy. Trying to actually get "air" on it makes it even that much worse. I really need to practice that whole maneuver at home.

The boards we had to break were all the same thickness and my kids were a bit freaked out about it. However, with a steady holder, they both broke their boards with ease.

One of my co-workers came down for the first part of the test. I'm not sure when he left but I'm sure I'll hear about funky narabong if he was still there. He's recently passed his 4th degree test. Hopefully he wasn't so embarrassed that he left.

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