Friday, April 4, 2008

Rainbow Six Vegas

About 3-4 weeks before Rainbow Six Vegas 2 came out, I started replaying Vegas 1 on "Realistic" setting. In the game, "Realistic" basically means you can survive 1 bullet but not 2. A shot to the head is instantly fatal. However, all the in-game situations are still just a game. Meaning, you are surrounded by enemies at impossible odds and they still spawn in places that you have just covered.

I finally made it through the game about 4 days after Rainbow Six Vegas 2 came out. If you've played the game, my biggest trouble spots were the warehouse at the dam and the theater in Dante's casino. In both places, I gimmicked the game a bit. There is a container at both locations. I would make round trips to the container to get more C4. I would then place the C4 in a strategic place where I knew enemies were going to be and NOT trigger it. Repeat the operation and place the next C4 in close enough proximity to the other C4 such that the detonation of one would detonate the other. A container lets you refill 10 times. I would then trigger the action to continue and pick the appropriate time to light up the C4....usually when I got to the "oh s**t, I'm getting overwhelmed" phase. I would repeat this cycle upon failure because the failure was usually just me being stupid and peaking my head out just a little to long to survive the bullet shots. It is actually quite impressive to see and hear the C4 detonating one right after the other but it does cause a frame rate slow down.

I've only started going through vegas 2. I'm trying to restrain myself from playing it all the time because I'm doing the coop adventure with a friend. I'd like to just once tackle a game cooperatively from the perspective of NOT knowing what's happening next. When he's not available, I'm going through COD4 on veteran, which is so freaking hard that I'm not sure I'm gong to make it through it except with the grace of God.

Of all the 360 games I have....the rainbow six series is at the top of my list. It fits my play style way more than Halo does.

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