Saturday, June 7, 2008

blue belt test

We had our blue belt test today. To clarify as usual, this means we passed our blue belt requirements and are now blue sr. belts. My girls and I all did very well and aced the test in all categories. This test was actually the test where I felt the most confidence since we started. It's becoming somewhat routine and I had no jitters at all today.

The word for this belt level was perseverance. Based on this post, I think I have a fairly good idea of why this word applies at this time. We've been doing the basic routine of the intermediate belt levels for some time learning the same type of actions at each belt level. By this I mean there is a prescribed set of types of things we need to learn at each belt level: terminology, a kicking technique, a blocking set, some kicking combinations, an escrima set, a one-step sparring set, and board break. It's become somewhat routine at each belt level now. I'm not saying that I'm bored but I'm looking forward to a ramp up in difficulty when we get to the advanced class level in 3 months. I believe the advanced class is where the difficulty starts ramping up because we have to start learning multiple tae guk forms per testing period. Additionally, the kicks get harder to do. I was watching the advanced class the other day and their board break was a spinning hook kick. It's very hard to control AND you have to kick with enough force to break the board with less resistance from the instructor because they only hold it with one hand. It's about speed and control to give you the force. Not just pure force from kicking hard.

Coming up next Saturday is our poomse competition. I'm planning on working with the girls this week to really try and perfect our technique for our "form" (the blocking set we just got tested on). I hope my no jitters carries over to the competition because I feel I'll do pretty well if I can just relax.

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