Friday, July 18, 2008


My right shoulder hurts. I didn't have any 1 specific injury to it. But obviously, my muscles are screaming at me because they are underutilized and puny.

Puny....that's my word of the day.

We did this drill where we paired off and 1 partner grabbed focus mitts. We would then traipse back and forth across the room following the partner doing a punching and or punching/kick combination. I believe this is a sparring drill they use in the sparring class.

It wasn't the actual punching that caused my arm to be sore. It was the receiving of the punch when I held the mitt. The guy I was paired with had a pretty good sized punch that had me grimacing when he threw it.

Not that I can actually narrow down the soreness to just the punches. We also did more nunchuka last night. Things seemed to go a little better but I was mostly using my right arm since we were doing single nunchuk instead of double. When I was doing the routines with my left hand, it was a feeble attempt at coordination. The back left side of my head has a few lumps on it today I think.

When we got home, my oldest daughter went outside to wait for company to show up. She took her nunchuks with her and was practicing in the driveway. Now, was she doing this to impress the boys across the street, the company that was arriving, or just because she liked it? I'm not sure. But whatever the motivation was, I was very glad to see it.

My oldest daughter and I also got our stripes for our blocking set last night. Needs more practice but it's a fairly easy and short one this time with only 8 moves.

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