Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Belt Test Weekend

This Saturday is testing day again. For us, it's a Blue Sr to Brown belt transition. This also marks when we move to the "advanced class". That means a few changes:
  1. A time change for all of our classes which adds a bit of chaos to our already chaotic weekly routine. We've got 2 kids each going different directions on some nights.
  2. We start learning the Tae Guk forms. I think 2 a quarter so that we have all 8 of them under our belts (pun intended) by the time we start the last year push to Black Belt.
  3. The classes are actually run more strict. Line up in Joon Bi position. Always "sit like a 10". Make sure you bow correctly. Yada, Yada.
  4. I think we start getting asked to help out with training in the lower level classes but that might not happen for 6 months or so.
To be honest, I'm really looking forward to the change in routine. I'm feeling pretty confident about the upcoming test. I know everything pretty well. We actually went through it all last night and I didn't make more than 1 mistake. I'm a little concerned they'll ask us to throw in a fast-kick/narabong combination which I haven't really practiced that much. I can see myself falling on my face pretty quickly with the spin on that one.

I think my kids will do well as well. My youngest daughter is getting confused with the terminology we have to learn but I think she'll be all right by Saturday. My older daughter knows it all but needs to work on her display of confidence. She just seems to do it so lackadaisical at times.

My kids also get very nervous about the board break. It's a knife hand which is pretty easy if you make sure you break through the board and hit the side of your hand vs. the pinky. I may have them work on it before we go but don't want to get them freaked out about it either.