Monday, September 15, 2008

I think I'll paint the ceiling brown

The test is over and we all passed with flying colors. One of my daughters asked me afterward if she did well. I responded to her that she got all A+'s so yes she did. She then made the comment "That doesn't mean anything. After all, -- sister's name here -- got all A+'s too".

Suppressing a grin because it really isn't nice to talk about the sibling that way, I responded "She did well too!". The youngest responded "Well....she didn't kihap loudly."

I had to laugh. It's funny cuz it's true. However, the other sibling does have good technique and memory for this stuff. Her grades are deserved.

The testing time starts with announcements about upcoming special dates. Master Lee also made a special announcement to us Blue Sr. belts. He stated that those of us going into the advanced class need to be prepared for the harder curriculum. If any of us parents felt that our kids are at all struggling with the new curriculum, that we should come talk to them right away and we will get the help we need.

I've had this feeling that the advanced class was going to ramp it up a bit. Now it's confirmed through official channels.

I repeated this to my wife. She immediately honed in on the "How much is this extra help gonna cost?" I'm sure she's right.

I'm going to do my best to help instruct my kids in what we learn. I see organized practice sessions at home on a weekly basis in our near future.

The belt ceremony to get our brown belts isn't until our first new advanced class tomorrow night. I expect to feel a little out of place considering most of the people in the class will be people I haven't seen in 3 months.

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