Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Taeguk Oh Jang

We've had a few weeks of classes since our belt test and we have covered some of the items for this quarter's curriculum. The biggest of which is the Taeguk Oh Jang form. I've seen videos and pictures of each step but never anything textual. I've attempted to capture it in text form below. Click on the picture for a full size view of it. In the column where I give "ending direction", I use the terms North, East, South, West like the directions of a compass. I'm using "North" to mean the same as the direction you are first facing. It does NOT mean a literal "North".

tae guk oh jang steps

I was very daunted (see previous post) when I first saw the form thinking I wouldn't be able to remember it all. Well, as with everything else in life, practice makes perfect and I have it down.

My concern now is going to be when we actually have to test for our black belts in the future. Having to remember which form is which and keeping it all straight in my head is going to be a big hurdle for this aging mind.


Bil said...

But why do you have to face north? ;)

shaggydoug said...

Smart alec.