Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stepping it up

We had that first advanced class last night. The warm up routine was faster paced but that could have been just the instructor. Hard to say exactly. During the sit ups, the main instructor chastised my oldest daughter about taking them easy. She puts her knees down instead of going all the way to her toes. He told her that by Brown Sr, she was going to be doing that and she needed to build up those arm muscles.

I also found out what our first form is going to be: Taeguk Oh Jang.

My brain just exploded. It seems to start fairly easy but then I lost track of everything he's doing.


Bil said...

in a month you will be doing that like a pro like all the other forms. Too bad that doesn't work for other things like guitar ... oh wait ...

shaggydoug said...

Maybe it's time to ban my one and only reader.