Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

It's usually the stupid things you do that get you injured, not the actual sport you are doing.

At the end of class today, we were doing a drill where we would get 30 seconds with the "striking bag". The "striking bag" is one of those free-standing punching bags with a water or sand filled base.  We were performing whatever combination of kicks and punches we wanted against it.  At the end of our 30 seconds, we would run toward the back of the line while the next person went, a distance all of 20-30 feet for my line. Usually, everyone in the line is encouraging the person who just went with high fives as they pass. 

Not paying too much attention, I caught my left big toe and hyper-extended it under my foot after my first pass. I swear the spongy interlocking puzzle floor mat jumped up and tripped me.  I didn't fall face down or anything but managed to catch myself from stumbling and making a bigger fool of myself than I already am.  

There was some pain at first but I managed to finish out the drill with a few more passes.  Every time I kicked with that foot or put my weight on that big toe, I felt a slightly more painful twinge than the last.  Several hours later though and it hurts, a lot. As in any pressure on it and I make that wide-eyed "O" face like I've been stuck with a hot skewer.    The pain goes from the top of the toe through the arch.  I don't see any swelling yet.

I think this goes to show that you should always be focused in what you are doing for a sport.   Even when you are in the midst of relaxing in the middle of it.

Side note: when I got home and my wife asked me why I was limping, I tried to just brush it off with a small explanation of hyper-extending my toe.  My oldest daughter just laughed.  It really does sound a bit silly that a toe injury can cause so much pain. 


Bil said...

You'll get more respect when you have your black belt ... right?

Anonymous said...

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