Saturday, February 20, 2010

Come To Jesus Time

As of last Thursday night, we have completed 6 weeks of our 16 week training cycle before our black belt candidacy test. In this time, we are supposed to have completed a bunch of exercises that I've detailed in this table along with our current status.


The cells with a red background indicate the ones that I think we're in trouble with and really need to get taken care of quickly. The cells with a yellow background are ones that I think we need to keep an eye on and with a little bit of effort, we can easily catch up.

For the running portion, we have a treadmill in the house. It's been cold and snowy the last couple of days so running outside is a bit out of the question. Did I mention I hate running? I'm sure that explains why that exercise is in red.

For the meditation portion, I need to figure out a time where my daughter and I can sit still for a period of time without any distractions. That is generally very hard to do. There is so much going on in our lives that there doesn't seem to be much down time. Homework generally hits every single night and our weekends have a tendency to fill up so we have to get going all the time.

When we had our curriculum only class on Friday night, the entire class was given a warning that we needed to catch up in the next couple of weeks or risk not testing come May. That is the last thing my daughter and I need right now.

The last two days have actually been pretty much centered around these exercises. My legs have that been through the ringer feeling you get after you've done a bunch of exercise. Maybe this year isn't the "Push To Black Belt" but instead should be called the "Year of The Burning Legs"?

I know. Still a lame name. I'll come up with something.

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