Saturday, April 17, 2010

It's a TKD Weekend!

All of our curriculum requirements are due 1 week from today after class. Our test is the following week. We are behind in our curriculum but it's not unsurmountable. The issue we are having and that I think most parents run into is that during the week, it is hard to get time set aside for the kids. Specifically, doing anything extra in addition to school work and the related activities that go along with school. My daughter has been involved in 4 different school related activities over the last couple weeks. They generally are right after school but that throws the whole homework time later into the evening which then leaves little to no time for Taekwondo practice. Each of the little activities don't seem like much on their own but as a parent, you need to take a step back and say enough is enough sometimes. Luckily, one of her activities completed the other night.

I gave my daughter a heads up that this weekend was going to have to be a Taekwondo weekend. She's got two days off of school this coming Monday/Tuesday (yet another teacher-in-service weekend). The number 1 priority is to get all of our curriculum done before she goes back to school on Wednesday. I gave us both Friday night off after our class to have some downtime (she watched a movie, I played video games) before we got started today.

This morning, she came into my room while I was still sleeping and asked if she could watch TV until I got up and then we would get to work. Not even a "good morning". When I got up, I came downstairs and she was ready to go. She's already completed all the repetitions on her forms and she's doing kicking combinations right now as I type this. She even told me she's having fun.

I'm encouraged. I also think she's going to do really well. Now I need to get off this computer and go finish my repetitions myself.

One side note: have you seen that silhouette image for the new Karate Kid movie. I won't go into what I think of the movie idea itself. However, I used to think that image was faked with how high Jaden Smith is kicking. Not anymore. My daughter can do that. She can kick me in the head if she wanted to and she's a full 1 foot, 4 inches shorter than me.

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