Wednesday, April 28, 2010

last class before test

Ready or not, Saturday morning is coming.

A bit of encouragement from one of the instructors last night: "I have not seen anyone fail the test because they didn't know the curriculum. I have only seen people fail due to lack of attitude."

By this he means "black belt attitude". They preach it consistently at the dojang. You wouldn't be testing if you didn't know the curriculum. However, you have to perform during the test and have a "can-do" attitude about it. You must also show respect.

If you want to see the test in person, it's in Denver at I-25 and Orchard at the Orchard Christian Center. They apparently have a big gym. It starts this weekend, 8am - 10pm on Saturday and 9am - 3:30 pm on Sunday. There are 148 people testing this weekend from 1st Gup (right before black belt) to 3rd degree black belt tip testing. The bulk of the curriculum testing is Saturday after 1:00.

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Go kick some ass (heh) Douglas.