Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ahead of the game

We started the 16 week physical requirements this weekend.   Each week, we have to do the following:
  • 125 Push ups
  • 300 Repetitions of a core muscle exercise (sit ups, crunches, russian twists, etc)
  • 6 each of the forms Tae Guek Oh Jang, Yuk Jang, Chil Jang, and Pahl Jang.
  • 10 each of 15 different escrima patterns.
  • 3 each of our 16 kicking combinations
  • 5 each of our 5 different one step sparring patterns.
  • 20 minutes of flex training
  • 2 miles of running
  • 3 each of our 5 different board breaks (Back Kick, Step-Behind Side Kick, Palm Strike, Axe Kick, Elbow Strike)
  • 3 Rounds of Sparring
  • 20 minutes of meditation
On top of this, we have to practice 1 kick of our choice 1000 times over the time period (averages to 62.5 kicks per week).  I've chosen to do the spin hook kick because it's the one I have the most difficulty on.  

We're only 2 days into it and we're ahead on some items and behind on others.   The instructors have been telling us that if we come to class 3 times a week, that we should get all the physical requirements no problem (well...except for the running). I don't believe them.   We've attended class twice already and I only have 1/2 the sit ups needed for the week.   

We were allowed to start our self development items and we both need to figure out how to document "acts of kindness" better so we track them each day as we do them.  We've both finished our 2 books of reading and an associated book report.  My daughter has to do 100 chores in this time period and she's already behind. I need to figure out some things for her to do outside while I work in the yard.  I also knocked out all my community service hours in one week by volunteering for our church's Vacation Bible School.   My daughter has 2.5 hours already and a way to get some community service knocked out at a 1.5 - 2 hour clip each week when she has the time.  We only need 10 hours of community service so she should be golden there.

My biggest concern with starting the physical requirements time frame is how am I going to do it if my hamstring wasn't 100% healed.  It still has moments of pain.  I've found that if I keep my activity with that leg to about 75-80% of what I would normally do and combine that with wearing that heat wrap that I'm able to not aggravate it.  In the meantime, I'm still trying to stretch it every single day and give it little mini massages.  In the first couple of days, things are going well but I know I have to be careful and NOT over confident with it.

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Yer like Jet Li now! My hero!