Friday, April 15, 2011

Fits Part Deux

So in my black and blue post, I made a statement about my right shoulder giving me fits. I brought it up with the doc, he took X-rays and then muttered something about bone spurs and my neck being straight instead of curved. He then sent me in for an MRI. I'm still waiting on on a trained diagnosis but my own google-fu driven diagnosis isn't pretty. I found images online of what a cervical MRI is supposed to look like and I've got some obvious differences.

That little bell rang in my head and I realized I had heard of a similar story before from my own father no less. I sent him an email and lo and behold, he had similar symptoms that got much worse than a burning and tingling in his arm. He lost use of his right arm completely and had some pretty serious pain. He ended up getting a vertebrate replaced with a hog bone and some bone spurs surgically removed from his vertebrate.

I'm saying prayers and waiting for that call from the doc.

At any rate, I'm less than 1 month from my tip and instructor tests. I won't be doing anything drastic before then. I think I need to spend this weekend distracting myself with lots of forms repetitions. I should get my take home instructor test tomorrow as well.

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